WW2 Hospital ship Sydney or HMHS Oxfordshire?

July 05, 2010


I came across through a search on Hospital ships recently your site and a great one it is too as I was tri(y)ng to identify the attached image of a hospital ship under Sydney harbour bridge, it is number 6? Would have to be WW2 but I think from the design of the ship it may have been built earlier.

Can you identify at all this image for me, any help would be appreciated.

The photo is a Sydney W A Shearon photographer image but there is no no name of the ship on the back or any clue of the ships visit .I think it may not be an Australian hospital ship and we in New Zealand only had the Maheno and the Marama and I'm sure it's not one of those?

Only if you can and have some time ,any help would be great ,

Thanks and Regards,
Ron Hughes.


I believe your Hospital ship is the British HMHS Oxfordshire,

She brought back to Sydney ex Australian POW's on September 24 1945.
See this picture to compare.

By chance I spent a week in her in 1945 with a 1945 with a whitlow in my right index finger just before the Japanese surrender, I escaped in time to rejoin HMAS  Shropshire and sail for Tokyo for the Japanese surrender.
Best regards,

Morning Mac,

Thankyou for identifying my photo, I do appreciate it as I would not have looked at her for an
Identification, she looks right to my photo especially with masts and will dig around to see if I can locate her ID as number 6.

From your infomation i'm sure this will be her arrival in Sydney with the Aussie POWS in 1945 in September.

Pleased you were able to get onto the Shropshire and be part of the Japan surrender. I'm only pleased I was not yet a twinkle in my parents eye!! My father fought in WW1 at ypres, Pashendale and the Somme and I think he was badly affected by what he saw as I could get little out of him about it.

He was also gassed with mustard gas and was twice I think sent back to hospital in England.

When he died in 1971, the residue? of the gas was still I think part of his early death.

I also have Andrew VC in my family which I am very proud of and from an early New Zealand poineer family most of the young men went to war as a great adventure. Many as know did not return and seems to me a total waste.But such is man.

You take care,
Best Wishes Ron.

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