Uncle served in RFA Aldersdale sunk in PQ 17 Arctic Convoy

August 20, 2009

Good Evening,

read with interest some of the stories regarding the arctic convoys on your website, my Uncle was a cabin boy aged 17 on the RFA Aldersdale sunk in PQ 17, he spent some time in Murmansk, I believe he came home on QP 14, but do  not seem to be able to find a list of the survivors from PQ 17 who came home in this convoy, can you perhaps point me in the right direct

Many Thanks for any help

Regards Tony Waugh
Suffolk England


I am sorry but I am unable to track down a list of PQ 17 survivors who came home in Convoy QP 14, which itself ran into trouble from both German Air and U-Boat attacks.

They were indeed tough times.


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