Uncle sailed in H.M.S. Vidette


I keyed in H.M.S. Vidette because I have a photo of it which my Uncle gave me a few years ago.  He reckoned that when he died his belongings would be burnt and they were except for my small collection of memories.
I know my uncle went to America, how do I find out if he was on the Vidette?  His name was Raymond Nelson Sharpe.?

Thanks, carolyn cross

HMS Vidette, her Pennant Number was D-48.
HMS Vidette, her Pennant Number was D-48.

Do you have any idea when you think your Uncle may have served in HMS Vidette? I will send you some details of her service taken from the U-Boat net.

She was an old V & W Destroyer commissioned in 1918, in the Royal Australian Navy, we had a number of sister ships, who all served with distinction in WW2, they were Vampire, Waterhen, Voyager, and Vendetta.

I am trying to find if your Uncle served in the ship, and you will get copied with that message. More in due course, but I may not be able to track your Uncle down.

Best regards,

I am unable to track your Uncle down, here are some details about HMS Vidette.
She was laid down on the 1st. of February 1917, launched on the 29th. of February 1918, and first commissioned on the 27th. of February 1919.
The ship was one of the V and W class of Destroyers. Her builders: Alexander Stephens and Sons Ltd at Glasgow.
In January of 1943 she was converted to a long range Escort for convoy duties, and was part of the escort for Convoy ONS 5, probably the defining battle in the U-Boat war in The Battle of the Atlantic.

The ship was very successful against the U-Boats being involved in 5 sinkings of them.
1. On the 6th. of May 1943 off Newfoundland, U-630 sunk, with her crew of 47 all killed.
2. On the same date, also off Newfounland, U-531 sunk.
3. On the 23rd. of October 1943, South West of Iceland, with the destroyer HMS Duncan sank U-274.
4. On the 29th. of October 1943, South East of Greenland, with the destroyer HMS Duncan, and the corvette HMS Sunflower sank U-282.
5. On the 29th. of August 1944 in the English Channel , with destroyers HMS Wensleydale, and HMS Forester sank U-413.
Vidette survived WW2, to be sold for scrap on the 4th. of March in 1947.
Here is the address to check Royal Navy personnel records: 

c. Non-commissioned ranks who enlisted as Regular Service entrants from the outbreak of the- Second World War, up to the present. Including National Servicemen who enlisted between 1945 and 1950, inclusive:

Naval Pay & Pensions (Accounts) *,
Ministry of Defence,
Centurion Building,
Grange Road,
Hampshire PO13 9XA.

Telephone: 02392 702174
FAX: 02392 702211.

* The Navy Records Centre, the Department of the Naval Secretary, and Naval Pay & Pensions (Accounts) are not open to the members of the public.

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