Hello Mac,
my oncle was a crew member of U-662. I have made a lot of research during the last months.
I am still looking to share pictures and information. Do you have information / pictures about U-662 ?
As an attachment please find a picture of the crew.
regards Guenther


Thank you for your message, I am always delighted to learn about German U-Boats and those who served in them.

Here are a few details of U-662, you may already have them, they come from the U-Boat net.

I am still looking for a photo of her.

I could not get the photo of the crew to open, my report said it was damaged.

Perhaps you might try to send it to me again please.

Best wishes,




Hello mac,
here again. The webpage was already known to me.
I own a copy of the logbook of U-662. This might be for your interest, because U-662 attended the battle for ONS 5.
regards Guenther

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