My wife's brother in law was Chief Engineer onboard u192 on her sinking by Loosestrife on 5/6th May 1943 whilst attacking ons5. There is a surviving daughter and family in Germany and they would appreciate any detailed info you could supply on this episode as it led to the subsequent trgic death of her mother.Any leads would also be appreciated.

Ivor Beck.


There seems little available on the loss of U-192, at first she was believed to be sunk by HMS Pink, but it was HMS Loosestrife that sank her.

Some detail that may be of interest is set out below.

Do make sure you visit the URL listed to get the complete crew list.

Sorry I am not too much help.

U-192 from Uboat.net

Unterseeboot 192 wiki

Type IXC/40 wiki

Go to URL: Crew List U-192 to get two pages of the full crew list of 55 who died in U-192.



Thanks for your reply to my e-mail requesting info about U192 . A mystery indeed! however I have gleaned enough to be able to send some info to KptLt(Ing) Albert Korfant's daughter and I thank you on her behalf.



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