Tuscan Star torpedoed 6th Sept. 1942

April 26, 2010 

Dear Mac

Fascinated to read some of the articles in your "Log", particularly those relating to the Tuscan Star.

My wife was the 3 yr. old child saved with her parents. They had boarded at Santos.  Her father was returning to the UK to enlist in the Royal Marines. It is probable that the lady in the fur coat referred to in the article may have been my wife's mother, but there is no way to verify that.

Presumably it is unlikely that there are any other survivors alive today from the incident apart perhaps for the 2 yr. old.  It would have been fascinating to try to contact him/her, but in the absence of a passenger list this is impossible. Pity. 

My wife remembers a little of being in the lifeboat and in particular the bright light shone on them by the U-boat crew when the sack of food which was thrown aboard. Unfortunately the sack hit my mother-in-law in the back and she suffered from a bad back (arthritis) for many years later.

I too am an octogenarian (81) and wish you many more years of health and happiness. You have certainly been
industrious in putting together all the maritime articles, which I am sure are of great interest to very many people.

Keep well and happy

Kindest regards

From John and Tisha (Patricia) Daymond
Maidenhead, England.

Hello John,

I am always delighted when we can strike a chord with people "out there" and have a first hand account of something I have written.

Thank you for your comments about Ahoy and the Tuscan Star.

Our site is a joint affair, with my web master Terry Kearns in Atlanta Georgia tidying up my research and
scribblings and putting them up on AHOY for whoever may stumble on them on the WWW.

Comments like yours are always welcome and it helps to know our work is appreciated.

Best wishes.

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