Total number of submarine losses for all countries during the WW2?

July 20, 2013

all submarine loses
Mac -

Great website.  Will take me awhile to get through it all.

Came across your article – the Role of the Submarine in World War 2. I am trying to do an article on the total number of submarine losses for all countries during the war. Not an easy project. Your article notes some of
the anomalies in data that I have found.

I do the newsletter for our submarine veteran’s organization here in Arkansas, USA. We also have the USS Razorback at a museum her in North Little Rock.

Some history around Australia during the war.  See http://www.razorbackbase.com  and www.aim.museum.

Will get back to you after reviewing your site.

John C. Barr
Little Rock, AR


My thanks for your kind words about AHOY.

In my article you refer to, I think in general the number of Submarines cited lost by each country in WW2 is reasonably accurate.

I am aware of the history of USS Razorback.

Best wishes,

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