Thomas Holloway missing in HMS Mourne, 15 June 1944

June 30, 2010

Hi Mac,

I have been researching to find some details of my father who was presumed killed on the HMS Mourne. My mother was never able to talk to me about him and never got over the shock of losing him. I was born on the 23rd August 1943 and from what I was told by my relatives my mother refused to believe he was dead and I don't think ever gave up hope although she did remarry when I was 8 years old.

Would you know if any of the survivors are still alive?

I hope you don't mind my contacting you and would be most grateful if you could help. It was amazing to find your website and all the information you have made available, Thank you.

Also belated Birthday Greetings and hope you are keeping well and enjoying life.

Kind regards

My name is Margaret Hewlett and I was spooked to find that there was a M. Hewlett on the HMS Mourne!!

Hello Mags,

Nice to hear from you, it is not a problem in contacting me. I am pleased to help if at all possible.

I am sorry to learn that your Dad was one of the casualities when U 767 sank HMS Mourne back in 1944.

Your birthday wishes are appreciated, I had surgery for the second time on June 18 for a frozen left shoulder, then lost my footing on Sunday June 27, to have a fall and break my right side fifth rib, so am somewhat restricted in what I can currently achieve.

I was sunk in HMAS Canberra in 1942, and I recall a lady who a little girl at the time and her father was an engineer in my ship, her Mother would never accept he had died, and whenever a naval ship would arrive in Sydney she would dress her daughter in her best dress and go off to meet the ship in
case it carried her lost husband, very sad when people are unable to come to terms with the wartime death of a loved one.

HMS Mourne

Here is your Dad on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission Site, his name is listed on the Plymouth Naval memorial at Panel 88 in column 3.

Casualty Details
      Initials: T H
      Nationality: United Kingdom
      Rank: Petty Officer Telegraphist
      Regiment/Service: Royal Navy
      Unit Text: H.M.S. Mourne
      Age: 26
      Date of Death: 15/06/1944
      Service No: D/JX 138844
      Additional information: Son of John and Mary Holloway; husband of Phyllis Holloway, of Tonypandy, Glamorgan.
      Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead
      Grave/Memorial Reference: Panel 88, Column 3.

Here is the casualty list for HMS Mourne, and your Dad is
listed at Number 48.


Casualty List published in THE TIMES 16th August 1944



001 - Lieutenant-Commander R.S. Holland., R.D., R.N.R. (in
002 - T/Sub-Lieutenant D.S. Baring., R.N.R.
003 - T/Surgeon-Lieutenant G.S. Davis., R.N.V.R.
004 - T/A/Sub-Lieutenant W.A. Hardie., R.N.V.R.
005 - T/Sub-Lieutenant I.M. Horley., R.N.V.R.
006 - T/A/Warrant Engineer., W.H. Smith., R.N.
007 - T/Sub-Lieutenant B. Stanton., R.N.V.R.
008 - T/Sub-Lieutenant L.W.A. Tucker., R.N.V.R.



009 - Pate B., Able Seaman



010 - Adkins H.E., Able Seaman
011 - Ahern E., Able Seaman
012 - Aldred J.P., Leading Seaman
013 - Armstrong J., Stoker 1st Class
014 - Barnes L.W., Stoker 1st class
015 - Bell S., Able Seaman
016 - Binns A., Assistant Cook
017 - Bowen E.R., Ordinary Seaman
018 - Broad E.W., Able Seaman
019 - Broad W.H., Seaman., R.N.R.
020 - Brown W.A., A/Leading Seaman (Ty.)
021 - Burgess D.A., A/Chief Petty Officer
022 - Careleton J., Ordinary Telegraphist
023 - Chandler H.T., Stoker Petty Officer
024 - Clark E., Able Seaman
025 - Corby N.T., Petty Officer
026 - Costello P., Able Seaman
027 - Dawson C., Steward
028 - Drummond W., Ordinary Seaman
029 - Elliott D.R., Telegraphist
030 - Elward O., Ordinary Seaman
031 - Ferguson A., Stoker 2nd Class
032 - Foster R.J., Ordinary Seaman
033 - Gardner D.J., Stoker 2nd Class
034 - Gardner T.F., Able Seaman
035 - Grant T.H., Able Seaman
036 - Greenbank A.D., Able Seaman
037 - Guy K., Telegraphist
038 - Hargreaves N., Ordinary Coder
039 - Harrowven J.N., Telegraphist
040 - Harvey A., Ordinary Mechanic
041 - Harvie C., A/Leading. Seaman (Ty.)
042 - Haslewood F., Ordinary Seaman
043 - Hebden J., Able Seaman
044 - Hewlett M., Able Seaman
045 - Hobbs B.J., A/Leading Seaman (Ty.) R.N.R.
046 - Hobbs F.D., Able Seaman
047 - Hodgkins J., Stoker
048 - Holloway T.H., A/Petty Officer Telegraphist (Ty.)
049 - Hughes T., Ordinary Seaman
050 - Imery R., Ordinary Seaman
051 - Inglis T., Steward
052 - James D.D., Telegraphist
053 - Jewitt W.N., Ordinary Seaman
054 - Jones A.E., Ordinary Seaman
055 - Jones R.C., Ordinary Seaman
056 - Jump J., Stoker 2nd Class
057 - Kay W.G., Able Seaman
058 - Kelly W.R., Ordinary Seaman
059 - Kemble J.R., Chief Stoker
060 - Knappett D., A/ Able Seaman
061 - Knight W.J., Ordinary Signalman
062 - Lloyd W.F., Able Seaman
063 - Lowes T., Stoker 2nd Class
064 - McAuslaine R., Stoker 1st Class
065 - McDonald W., Stoker 2nd Class
066 - McDowall R.I., Ordinary Seaman
067 - McNair J., A/Engine Room Artificer Class 4
068 - Maddix F.C., Petty Officer
069 - Makinson H., Able Seaman
070 - Marriott M., Able Seaman

071 - Marshall M.H., Assistant Steward
072 - Martin A., Petty Officer (Ty.)
073 - Mathers R., Leading Cook (S.)(Ty.)
074 - Moloney T.W., A/Leading Telegraphist
075 - Moss M.R., Able Seaman
076 - Moule F.M., Ordinary Seaman
077 - Muldoon G., Ordinary Signalman
078 - Musson P.E., Stoker Petty Officer
079 - Nickerson E.J. Leading Steward (O.)
080 - Nock W., Able Seaman
081 - Palmer E.J., A/Able Seaman
082 - Pattison A., Ordinary Seaman
083 - Pontin M.H., Ordinary Seaman
084 - Ridgway R.K., Telegraphist (S.)
085 - Riley J., A/Able Seaman
086 - Roach P.J., Ordinary Seaman
087 - Roberts D.R., Coder
088 - Rooney J.J., Stoker 1st Class
089 - Sandford F., Engine Room Artificer Class 5
090 - Saxon B., Leading Signalman (Ty.)
091 - Scott W.O., Sick Berth Attendant
092 - Sharp R., Able Seaman
093 - Shergold E.R., Stoker Petty Officer
094 - Skelton H., A/Yeoman of Signals
095 - Smallman J., Able Seaman
096 - Stephens S.R., Able Seaman
097 - Strevens A.W., Stoker Petty Officer
098 - Tansey J., Ordinary Seaman
099 - Thomas A.H., Stoker Petty Officer
100 - Thomas R.A., Able Seaman
101 - Tootill C., Ordinary Seaman
102 - Tucker L.G., Ordinary Seaman
103 - Turner H., Able Seaman
104 - Wales T.W., Ordinary Seaman
105 - Walker W.J., Coder
106 - Walsh R.H., Ordinary Telegraphist
107 - Warne E.R., Leading Supply Assistant (Ty.)
108 - Willett H.B., A/Petty Officer Radio Mechanic
109 - Woodward E.H., A/Leading Stoker (Ty.)
110 - Wright T.J., Ordinary Signalman
111 - Wyatt N.E., Able Seaman

Here is  the story of findng U 767 which sank HMS Mourne, also some photos.

Kindest Regards,


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