Surgeon Captain R.G. Anthony was, I think, the senior medical officer on the Vita

August 10, 2010

Subject: HMS VITA

Dear Stephen

I have recently found your website on HMS Vita. (see "H.M.H.S. Vita poems")Only to add a little to the detail:  my father, Surgeon Captain
R.G. Anthony (then a Surgeon Commander) was, I think the senior medical officer on the Vita from the time he
joined the ship in February or March 1945 until the end of the war in the Far East.

I remember him talking about the Vita being the 1st hospital ship in Rangoon on the defeat of the Japanese, and he also made reference to being in Singapore shortly afterwards (but i am not sure if he had moved on from the Vita by then).

Somewhere I have his old photo album. If of interest, i will try and dig out any photos he may have of the Vita.

With kind regards
David Anthony

Hello David,

Thank you for your mail, yes please I would love to have any of your Father's photo that are relevant to Vita to
add to AHOY.

Incidentally my first name is Mackenzie and not Stephen.

Best regards.
Mackenzie Gregory

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