Story of the Athenia, its victims and survivors, could work well as a documentary

Dear Mr Gregory,

I hope this email finds you well! I came across your website when looking into the SS Athenia and thought I'd get in touch with a couple of quick questions.

A little about me...I work as a researcher for Picture Films, a TV production company, run by Tilman Remme. Tilman is a well-known writer, producer and director with a strong track record in history and science documentaries as well as fact based dramas for British and international audiences. His recent credits include the high budget factual drama Blackbeard, the real Pirate of the Caribbean (BBC1, Nat Geo,2006), the completely dramatised and Bafta nominated high budget docu-drama Colosseum, Rome's Arena of Death(BBC1, Discovery, 2003)and the drama-docs Hunt for the Double Eagle (Smithsonian Networks 2007), The Beijing Siege of 1900 (ZDF,History Channel, BBC, Arte 2008) and Legend of the Crystal Skulls(Channel Five UK, Smithsonian Networks,
Nat Geo International, France 5- 2008) which effectively combines documentary techniques with high uality drama.

I am currently developing some new documentary ideas for the company, with an emphasis on popular history stories which reveal new and baffling insights into what seem, on the surface, familiar events. During my research I came across the story of the SS Athenia, and it grabbed my interest. Here is a fascinating event in WWII which is relatively little-known, and with the 70 year anniversary next year it also is quite topical.

I think the story of the Athenia, its victims and survivors, could work well as a documentary - particularly if we can get firsthand accounts or could show some new insight into the ship's demise or the consequences of the event. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, and thought you might be a good person to contact regarding speaking to

We're only at the very initial stages of development, but any comment would be greatly appreciated, and perhaps at a later date we could have a conversation about these ideas - at your convienience. In the meantime, thanks so much for your time.

Warmest wishes,



I think any work to recall the first sinking of a merchant ship by a German U-Boat on the first day of WW2 Sunday September 3, 1939 would be worthwhile.

On my AHOY website at URL:
http://www.ahoy.tk-jk.net/macslog/IndextoarticlesaboutPasse.html you will find all the correspondence I have had with both survivors, and their relatives,  and you should also look at the Glasgow Planned Riverside Museum at this URL: http://www.glasgowmuseums.com/venue/showProject.cfm?venueid=7&itemid=33 due to open in 2011.

Good luck.


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