Sto. E A Lindsey lost on submarine E 47, 1917

Lo Mac,

Completely out of the blue and a land lubber.

In these latter years when one is retired it is about time to research the family tree for the grand-sons information.

In the back of my mind was the case of a brother "going down in a submarine" as my Mother once put it.

During the research his name came to mind, also the name of his ship that did not return.

By chance I tried a search engine and up came your site and all the information contained therein.

E 47 lost 1917  on board
Sto. E A Lindsey.

This was my Uncle Eddy.

What brought me to your site I do not know, but thank you anyway for the information on someone I can now lay to rest.

Alan Mack,


My interest in the submarine E-47 stems from the fact that Lieutenant Creswell lost in that boat, was the son of Admiral Sir William Creswell who is recognised as the father of the Royal Australian Navy. The Royal Navy has never disclosed the whereabouts of the wreck of E-47, sunk in 1917.

As a result of having some detail about her on AHOY, if you go to this URL: http://www.ahoy.tk-jk.net/Letters/IdentifyingthewreckofHMSE.html on my web site, you will find details of where she is located, and about the Dutchman Bruin, who found her off the coast of Holland.

Sometimes it is just incredible how some fragments in a story come togeher, or answer a question about an early submarine in the service of the Royal Navy.

Best wishes from Australia to Devon, I lived in Doset for about a year in the middle forties.

Great counties down there in the west of England.

Mac. Gregory.

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