Squadron 126 leader ARH Barton - Tony or Killer

July 14, 2012

Hi Mac.

I have just come across your website and with the greatest of joy added a piece to a puzzle. (see "Battle for Malta") My father was Tony Barton and up to now I have not had the time to read his log books and Malta diary. I must confess that I am ashamed that I have not done this sooner as I might have helped a lot of researchers with (especially) details of 126 squadron from end of March through to June 1942. It seems 126 was very bad at filling in the squadron diary!

Anyway I am nearly finished writing out his log book and diary for this period. Very difficult as his writing is atrocious. Mind you written in the heat of battle, it must have been very difficult. 

This is the question answered:   {Questions: How did my father arrive in Gib - when did he leave the UK?

Last UK log book entry was 16/2/42. He married my mother on the 19th February - Must have been on leave until joining Eagle in Gib. Eagle left Gib. on the 19th or 20th March.}

If I can be of any help please let me know. Also you may be able to help me with questions that I have on Malta.

Kind rgds – Tony Barton (from sunny Spain)


I am always delighted when something I have written about on AHOY proves to fill in a gap for a family member.

I would love a copy of your Dad's log book and diary about Squadron 126, to add to my piece on the defence of that island in 1942.

Malta was vital in the fight for North Africa.

If I can help with any questions you may have, please ask, and I will try to answer them.

I envy you in sunny Spain, we are in the grip of a quite cold Melbourne winter, daily only about 13 C. And nights drop to 4 C quite often.

Thank you for your mail.

Best regards,

July 19, 2012
Hi Mac

I have very nearly finished writing out the log book and diary (just dotting the I’s & crossing the T’s). I am trying to make it like a story but keeping the log book and diary format. Sometimes combining both and adding a few notes etc.

May I have your permission to use some parts of Mac’s story in my work? I would like to use his description of “Killer Barton” (which name, incidentally, was used by the Dailey Express when they wrote about his DFC award) and I would like to use his speech on page 44 in it’s entirety. I have of course made mention of your website. ( In which I keep finding very interesting information.)

I have no intention of publishing anything – This work is just a labour of love for me & my Family and anyone who could use the information of my Father’s part in the battle. Naturally I will send you a copy.

I am still stuck with a few words. The bay I am sure is Ghajn Tuffieha Bay.

Kind rgds - Tony

Of  course. Just use whatever you need.



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