Specifications and history of the HIJMS Submarine I-11

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Could you please advise me as to where I might find brief specifications and history of the HIJMS Submarine I-11. I tried the Bob Hackett web site at www.combined. fleet  which gave me the tabular record of movement but I'm after her crew capacity, armament and size.  Any help you are able to give will be most appreciated.

Ken Wright.  wright9w@optusnet.com.au


Linked here are details of Japanese Submarine I-11.

She was a Type A1 sub.

The I boats were long range Fleet submarines, some of whom carried an aircraft ( As did I-11 ) but some of this class swapped the aircraft for a second deck gun.

A brief history of this Submarine follows, you may already have this detail:

  • I-11 operated off the NSW coast in July of 1942 with some success.
  • 20th. of July, sank the Greek ship George S. Livanos of 4,835 tons.
  • 21st. of July, sank the US ship Coast Farmer of 3,290 tons.
  • 22nd. of July, sank the US ship William Dawes of 7,177 tons.
  • 26th. of July attacked the Australian ship Coolana with gunfire, but missed.
  • On the 11th. of August 1942, torpedoed the US freighter Matthew Lyon off Espirita Santo, but the US ship managed to reach her destination under her own power.
  • On the 6th. of September 1942, having penetrated the destroyer screen fired a salvo of torpedoes at USS Hornet, but they all missed.
  • The next day I-11 was attacked by aircraft and probably damaged.
  • On the 20th. of July 1943, I-11 fired two torpedoes at HMAS Hobart, one hit, and 15 sailors died with another 7 wounded.
  • On the 20th. of March 1944, I-11 is presumed lost, and post war studies suggest she may have struck a mine.

Ken, I hope these few notes will serve your needs. If I am able to help further please just ask.

Kind regards,
Mac. Gregory.

Hi Mac.

Thank you for the information. It's exactly what I needed. I must say you are the fastest reply in the west. I was not expecting an answer until the end of next week what with Easter and all that.I will get back to you [if you dont mind] when I finished the article I'm writing and see what you think. Great web site!

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