Sinking of SS Siagon, account by C.L. Wiles, R.A.

February 26, 2011


You may not remember but  I e mailed you some time ago about a family incident I was trying to research about the sinking of a hospital ship that my mother thought was the Navassa.

My mother lost 2 of her brothers in the incident that followed the sinking.

My Grandad had written a statement about the incident and we have finally tracked a copy of it that he gave to his sister for some reason.

You did a lot of research for me at the time without much success probably because my mother's recollection of the incident has faded with time. In fact a apart from a few sentences to explain the loss of her brothers she never really spoke of it until she was about 70. So I was not able to give you the correct information. Both my Nan and my Grandad never mentioned it to me at all.

I though you may like to read my Grandads account of the incident and I have attached scanned copies.

I am not sure if the little girl in page 3 is my mother or her sister.

The way my mum tells the story I think it was her sister and the lifeboat swayed into the lower deck and she was passed out of the boat.

Thankyou once again for the effort you made on my behalf

Yours sincerely

Roy Wretham.

-Sinking-SS-Siagon-account-by-CL-Wiles- RA

-Sinking-SS-Siagon-account-by-CL-Wiles- RA

-Sinking-SS-Siagon-account-by-CL-Wiles- RA


I certainly recall our talking etc. my thanks for the attachments, all very interesting.

Best regards,

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