Silven R. Hunt wasaboard the  Ill Fated Block Island Carrier .. and the Guadalcanal

My name is Robert Hunt. My Father Silven R. Hunt is a WWII veteran. He was aboard the  Ill Fated Block Island Carrier..and the Guadalcanal. I am hoping to find as extensive of reports of Both ships actions...as possible... My Father is still alive and well..Living in Upstate New York...I hope to have the information to show him .

I am also hoping to find out about any upcoming reunions for both WWII ships..

Thanks, Robert


NavSource Online: Escort Carrier Photo Archive

May 28, 1944 - At 2013, USS Block Island (CVE 21), while engaged in hunter-killer operations near the Azores, was torpedoed by the German U-549 which had slipped undetected through her screen. The German submarine put one and perhaps two more torpedoes into the stricken carrier before being sunk itself by USS Eugene E. Elmore (DE-686) and USS Ahrens (DE-575). Block Island was the only carrier lost in the Atlantic.


The Capture of U-505 by USS Guadalcanal. 4th. of June 1944

U-505 at the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

Oral History: Rear Admiral Daniel Gallery

U-505 - translated documents

Robert I hope these notes are of some use for your Father.

Best wihes to you both fior theChristmas season.


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