Sgt. Mach. Karel van Dijk was on the Dutch Submarine 0 19 when it hit Ladd Reef

March 10, 2013

Hi Mac,

My name is Arris Van Dyk, I’m the son of Sgt. Mach. Karel van Dijk who was on the 0-19 when it hit Ladd Reef on July, 8, 1945!

I have the US Navy video of the rescue. I was 1yr. and 2 days old when it happened and living in Scotland with my mother. My dad died in Nov. 1999.

My wife  and I have been on the USS Cod in Cleveland, Ohio a number of years ago! I wish my dad was still alive to see the Cod today. We emigrated to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada from Holland in 1953. He worked for Seimens (Westinghouse) in the turbine division.

I have seen a lot of the Dutch submarine sites and my two nephews in Toronto are considering going to Ladd Reef to see what’s left of the 0-19 as they are film editor’s and cinematographer’s and are considering doing a

Arris Van Dyk,
Nanticoke, Ontario


Thank you for your mail,

Could you please send me a copy of the US rescue movie, so we might add it to Ahoy?

Here it is:

Here is some detail of the stranding of 0-19 on Ladd Reef:

Best wishes,

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