SS St. David Hospital Ship

September 09, 2009

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your great website.  I believe the picture posted of the SS St. David at http://ahoy.tk-jk.net/Letters/HospitalshipStDavidsunkon.html is in fact a picture of the SS St. David (3) built after St. David (2) was sunk at Anzio. See http://www.simplonpc.co.uk/GWR1.html#anchor1457379 for more info (including same image attributed to St.D #3). 

Best regards,
David Montgomery


Thank you for your comments.

Here are the two photos.

The top one mine, the bottom one yours.

There are some differences: the number of port holes ( scuttles ) in my photo they end much further foreward than they do in your photo.

Your funnel appears larger.

The anchors may be different

Your St David is a bigger ship than mine, the relative tonnages were St David 11 2700 tons.

St David 111 3352 tons.

All very interesting, and its really academic whether I have the right photo or not.

Very best regards,

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