SS Oronsay

G'day, Mac --
Was doing a search on the above ship to add to my description of the glass souvenir photo ashtray I recently picked up at a local estate sale, and was about to list on eBay. Before reading your log, I found that the Oronsay was a converted liner, then a troopship. It was sunk in the Atlantic on 8 October 1942 by the Italian submarine Archimede (probably the only hit by an Italian sub during the entire fracas)!  I've attached scan of the ashtray, and before listing it I can offer it to you for the opening bid of US$10, plus minimal s&h. It measures 95X125mm and is in absolutely prisitine condition, with no chips, cracks, crazing,  or fading to the photo.  Let me know.  Meanwhile, keep the faith and the peace (there must be some around, somewhere!), and above all ...
Capt. Don Kader, USAF (Ret.)

Nice to hear from you.
Thank you for the offer about the Oronsay ash tray, but no, its not for me.
I am sure some of the relatives who lost loved ones would be more worthy than me, and also more interested.
Best regards,

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