SS Maheno

October 16, 2009

G'day there.

I was hoping someone there would be able to help me out. recently my mum passed away and i'm trying to get my dad back into building his model boats. he builds them just from a picture of a boat. we got to talking and he likes the idea of the SS Maheno and well thats where i was hoping you may help me. i need some pics to show diff aspects of the boat its hull and the way it was constructed on deck and if possible its length ect.. also the colours that it was painted at the time.

i trully hope you can help as i would dearly love to have him start a new boat.

looking fwd to hearing from you soon

ms charlie lewis



Description of S.S. Maheno
Fraser Island's most famous wreck, the "Maheno" was driven ashore in 1935 during a cyclone. The Maheno was a 5282 ton triple screw turbine steamer luxury liner, accommodating 254 first class and 201 second class passengers. Built in Dumbarton, Scotland in 1905 it had a top speed of 19 knots and broke all previous records on the run between Melbourne and Sydney in 1905. During World War I the Maheno was converted to a hospital ship by the New Zealand Government in 1919.
The Maheno was taken out of service in 1935 and sold for scrap metal to the Japanese firm, Taminosuke Myachi of Kobe. The Maheno left Melbourne on 25 June 1935 in tow behind the Oonah, a 1700 ton coaster which had also been sold to the same buyer. During a fierce cyclone the tow rope broke and the Maheno drifted ashore and became stranded between Happy Valley and Cathedral Beach on Fraser Island in July of 1935. All attempts to refloat her failed and was eventually abandoned. At the beginning of World War II the ship was used as target practise by the Bundaberg aviation training school. Square holes remain in the middle section of the hull, resulting from World War II demolition practice by the Z force commandos, using limpet mines. Owned by the Union SS Co.


Full size image of S.S. Maheno c. [i.e. circa] 1905

Fitting out Maheno
SS Maheno, Fraser Island by shaunwinterton.

Wreck of SS Maheno at Fraser Island.

Model of Maheno.

SS Maheno Length 400 feet, beam 50 feet, draught 33 feet 6 inches.
(Photo., Courtesy Union Steamship Coy.). The “Maheno” as a New Zealand Hospital Ship during the Great War.

Thats about as far as I can go.

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