Reuben Whitaker

Hello.  I was  surfing the web when I came across your list of the top 10 sub commanders of WW 2.  I noticed there was no picture of Reuben Whitaker. There are decent pictures of him in the following books.

"War Patrols of the USS Flasher"  by William R. McCants
"Silent Victory second vol". by Clay Blair.

I am an avid reader on anything concerning US Subs in action during the second world war and enjoyed your site.

Bob O'Neil

Thank you for that. I have Silent Victory as a single volume Paperback, but it does not carry any photos.

Should you have a photo of Rueben Whitaker and a scanner, I would be obliged if you could send me a copy.

I am pleased you have found something of interest on our AHOY site.

Best wishes,

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