Research about my uncle that was in the Merchant Navy during the second world

Hi Mac,

 After a lot of research about my uncle that was in the Merchant Navy during the second world and was lost. I found all the information on your web site including the submarine that sank them, and also the sinking of the submarine, and all the positions . Thanks for all this, I would have never found it by myself. I am now 72 but we never forget.

Peter Grayburn

I am pleased that you found details on AHOY about your Uncle.
Our site is run by my good friend Terry Kearns in Atanlta Georgia, who takes my research and scribblings, and turns them into Ahoy, where anyone may chance upon it, and hopefully find something of interest.

Being able to put relatives in touch with their family history is one area where we are delighted to be able to assist.

I have just had my 84th. birthday, and get a lot of pleasure in hearing from people around this world of ours.

Thank you for writing, and best wishes from Melbourne, Australia.


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