Relieved that you are still with us!!! Thank you to Jayne!

December 14, 2008

Relieved that you are still with us!!! Thank you to Jayne!

Dear Mac,

I haven't been online in a while, and I was shocked to read your update from December 5, 2008. ITP is no laughing matter and you had an EXTREMELY close call! Platelets in the 1,000 range is an extreme emergency, so I say THANK YOU to Jayne, her knowledge of the process and her quick thinking. You'll be on the mend, but it is a bit of a  haul and not at all fun. Hang in there, Mac, and do every single thing you doctor tells you, *please*.

My son is 22 and had ITP beginning at 10 months old and it lasted one and one half years. It was a rigorous ride, every 21 days or so being treated with IgG, but it spontaneously resolved and he has been incident free ever since! His platelets at the time were 19,000 and we thought that was and extreme emergency. (seeing your counts at crisis, I can't imagine how nervous your daughter was when setting up care).

You are the BEST, Mac, and you have contributed so much to our world of knowledge about world maritime. What you've done best is bring people from around the world together, to share their knowledge, ask their questions, so each of us, one and all, can pay tribute to those who have gone before us and have sacrificed so much for our freedom! Imagine one person, YOU, doing all of that!

I can still remember contacting you all of those years ago, with my amateurish questions regarding the SS Athienia, and how helpful you were then, and continue to be now. You brought so many of us together from around the world, all seeking information on that one ship, and keeping its memory alive. You have been the spark that inspired the Glasgow Transportation Museum to host an exhibition about the Athenia. I'd love to view that exhibit one day, and maybe, God willing, meet you in person, and thank you for doing all you could to help me find my great grandmother's information.

Get well, Mac! I'll be praying for you! Thank you for all that you do!

Gayle Nee


How nice to have your mail and your best wishes.

You comments are most flattering Gayle.

It was a nasty business, and the Steroids have two basic side effects, they play havoc with both my blood/sugar levels and my sleeping pattern, keeping me alert, when I ought to be just the opposite.

It will be at least 6 weeks before I am weaned from the steroids, so, I am in for a long hard ride.

I often awake to a very low level of b/s bordering on a hypo, and need to elevate them before I dare inject insulin, instead of a single injection a day, I am now injecting 5 times, and late at night I have to ensure the level is high enough before I go to bed.

Its a high wire act, that needs constant attention, but we manage.

Have a lovely Christmas, and it was kind  of you to get in touch.

Best wishes and regards,

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