Reginald Smith was the radiographer in the hospital ship HS Leinster

January 13, 2010

Hello Mac

My name is Hilary Simpson and I am in England!

It has taken me a while to track down any info on the Leinster hospital ship, but i have done so as my father died in september last year and told me many many stories about his life on the ship. I would like to share his stories and perhaps contact anyone still living who also served on her, or other relatives?

My fathers name is Reginald Smith and he was the radiographer in the Leinster. He served i believe from 1942 (i can check) until the end of the war although he was stationed in India for a time after peace was declared.

He sailed in her in the med and indeed spent his 21st birthday on her in italy.

I have his original handwritten notes of his medical training before he was posted (it took a mere 8 weeks) and then notes of his recollections whilst he served - an incredible journey in many ways for so young a man.

I would hate for a piece of history to be lost, especially to those who also served in the Leinster, or their families. I know my dad helped save many lives in his time.

Please do contact me if you would like further info, I have many photos from those days of his life.

We used his experiences as a basis for his eulogy - it was extremely moving and although at 85 he had outlived many of his contemporaries, it certainly made those there stop and think.

With many thanks and kind regards


Thank you for your mail, I would be pleased to receive anything you care  to share about your Father and his time in the HS Leinster, so we may add it to AHOY for others to enjoy.

All the best wishes for 2010.


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