RAN Centenary 1911-2011

April 26, 2010

Hello Mac, and Rex:

Further to our chat at the NHSA Victoria Chapter meeting this evening:

This is a work in progress, but it is the Photostream I have been creating from some months - purely as a hobby
project - on Flickr to unofficially mark the RAN's Centenary  on July 10 next year: you'll see that there's also acknowledgement of the colonial navies era, and of the Commonwealth Naval Forces period.

At present it is 90 pages long, 18 photo thumbnails per page, that is 1600+  mainly historical photos with the best sourcing and documentation I can give them.

The photos are not 'mine' : they are gathered or acquired - purchased - from many sources, but many other people have also been wonderfully kind about it, and interested,  and provided me with scores of additional photos from their private sources with permissions.

The link below will take you to the start of the 90 pages. I'm sure you both know how to use Flickr:  click on a thumbnail you are interested in and  that will bring the single selected photo up in a medium size with the full notes below visible. Click on the 'all sizes' option just above the picture and that will bring up a much larger size of the photos. All the photos here come up large that way.

Hope you enjoy seeing them. Glad to hear any comments or corrections. It starts here:  


bests wishes, Jeff Penberthy - [recent] Naval Historical Society of Australia member ['Kookaburra2011' on Flickr,
and 'Kookaburra' on the World Naval Ships Forums website].


Thank you for these photos, amazing, many I have not viewed before.

Have just posted off your book, I trust you enjoy reading it.

Best Regards,

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