Prisoner on board the Sea Eagle

December 08, 2009

Hello Mac

I was looking up any new information on the Count when I came across a letter from John Random who was interested  in any information on Harold Johns (known as Jack). My son Peter McKay contacted you some time ago and told you my Father was prisoner on board the Sea Eagle. It seems Mr Random was interested in any information on my Father. I do not know if you can contact him but if so I would be pleased to answer any questions he may have.

Many thanks

Gwenyth Batchelor (Johns)


Here is a self evident E-Mail from Gwenyth, perhaps you might like to contact her.

Christmas Greetings,


December 22, 2009

Dear Mac

Thank you for forwarding the e-mail from Gwenyth, which I am now about to reply to. Any further light on Count
Von Luckner and his captives is a Christmas present in my book, so thank you for that.I hope you are well and wish you a merry Christmas.

Best Regards


I am always amazed at the continued interest in the Count at this distance from all his WW1 exploits, certainly a
colourful character, the likes of whom we are unlikely ever to see strut the world stage again.

Have a great Christmas.


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