Print of the Seeadler, produced from the painting by Chr Rave, who was Christopher Rave ( 1881-1933 )

Hi, I was wondering if you can tell me anything about this.  This belonged to my late husband.  Is this a print of the original painting?  Or a print of a print?  Do you have any idea what its value might be?  Do you know anything about Chr. Rave?  I have seen color prints like this.  This one is black and white.  Thank you for your time.



Hello Joan,

(See "Count Felix von Luckner: Index of Ahoy's articles and correspondence")

This looks like another print of the Seeadler, produced from the painting by Chr Rave, who was Christopher Rave ( 1881-1933 ) a painter, who amongst other paintings, executed a series of some 300 oils depicting the history of Navigation. From 1912-1913 he was the painter/photographer/and cameraman, on a German Arctic expedition that failed, and few participants survived, Rave later won the Medal of the Hamburg Senate for saving of life on that journey.

Count Felix von Luckner was prolific in presenting this print of Seeadler to both friends and people he met casually, as you say, sometimes in black and white, and other times as a coloured print. He often endorsed his signature with a message to whom he was giving the print. At other times he signed a photo of himself, but he always seemed to have a supply of photos. I have had a number of people get in touch with me to tell me about their signed print of Seeadler, or a signed photograph.

Your copy would have some value, but it is not unique Joan, none the less, it is a nice souvenir from an amazing sailor, who in WW1 was the scourge of the seas in his German Armed Raider and sailing ship Seeadler.
Thank you for your message.
Best regards,  
Mackenzie Gregory.


Thank you very much for taking the time to respond and for the information.


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