Plans of  von Luckner's Vaterland?

14/10/2010 10:55

Hello there, Mac. Many years ago I built a model of the /Seeadler/  that made its way into the local Houston newspaper. A few days later I  was visited by a gentleman who had sailed with Von Luckner (along with a crew of boys) back in 1930 on board the /Vaterland./

He left me with a signed color print of the /Vaterland/ given to all the boys that sailed that summer with Von Luckner. I understand that this ship was renamed the /Mopelia/. According to the gentleman, it was Hitler that 
ordered the ship burned. We had a wonderful talk and I love my gift.

Are there any plans of this ship in print? Would like to build a replica.

Kim Thornsburg


Nice to hear from you.

*Between the wars Luckner bought the schooner "/Vaterland",/ and when  she was destroyed by fire in 1935 in Bremerhaven, he bought the schooner  /Seeteufel" (Monkfish). / In the "/Seeteufel" /he sailed one more time around the world, to visit all the ports and places of his /"Seeadler"/ adventure. *

/Vaterland/ was renamed/ Mopelia/, ( that was where /Seeadler /came to grief in the Pacific Ocean ) but I have not seen anywhere that Hitler ordered her to be burned in 1935.

Regret I cannot unearth any ship plans for /Vaterland ( Mopelia )/


23 May 2011


I wrote you many months ago and you were sure to reciprocate ... thank you.

I had mentioned something about Luckner's Mopelia being burned by "Hitlers hoodlums." You wrote back stating that you were unaware of the fate of the Mopelia. It took me many, many months to find the article written by William D. Heckler who had sailed with Luckner aboard the Mopelia on a Carribean cruise during the summer of 1930 (from New York). He wrote the article after visiting with Von Luckner in 1960. I am not sure if it was
published, I only have a copy he personally gave to me. 

Kim Thornsburg


Thank you for that, is it possible to have a copy of William's article please, so with his approval, we might add it to our pages on the Count?

Best Regards,

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