Picture of the crew of the Hospital Ship Worthing

December 13, 2011

Hi There,

While I was searching the internet I found your site dedicated to Naval History.

I have a photograph of the crew of the Hospital Ship Worthing 30 which i seen featured on your website.

The photograph is from 4 August 1940. 

Is this something that you would be interested in for your website, if so I can send you a copy of this.

Many Thanks 
David Glover


I would appreciate a copy of your crew photo please, we will add it to AHOY.


Hi Mac,

Here is the photograph as promised for your website.

Picture of the crew of the Hospital Ship Worthing click to enlarge

Click to see a larger picture of  the crew of the Hospital Ship Worthing.

Many Thanks
David Glover

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Will you please add this picture of the crew of the Hospital Ship Worthing? to our URL: "Hospital ship St David sunk on 24th. of January 1944, two days after the Anzio landings"


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