Picture of HMS Mourne K261

K261 picture

Dear Mr Gregory:

I was going through some of my dad's pictures while in the Royal Canadian Navy. He had some pictures of different types of
ships that passed his ship in the Atlantic. One was of a Frigate with the marking K261. At first I tried to find it name among the Canadian Navy but there was no such marking to be found. I then typed in the K261 into google and found out this was a Royal Navy ship. Then the first thing I read in google is about a fellow whose dad died aboard the HMS Mourne  > K261 when it was sunk in 1944.  So I have a port side view of K261. I do not know if you are interested or some one whose son/brother/dad/uncle was on the ship.

Yours Truly
Scott Zavitz
Wallaceburg Ontario, Canada.

Dear Scott,

Thank you for your kind offer, yes please I would like a copy to post on AHOY about the loss of HMS Mourne.

It was good of you to take your time up and getting in touch with me.

Best regards,

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