Photos of a hospital ship

February 01, 2010
Subject: photos

Hi Mac,

(see "Fannie Olive Durning, served in WWI as a nurse aboard a hospital ships Loyatly and Madras"

I'm so happy. I found an old album of my dad's. I believe the photos were taken by my grandmother and possibly my grandfather. The first photos in the album were of a hospital ship! A few pages in, there were photos of a ship kind of listing to one side and obviously damaged. i assume those are photos of the Loyalty or Madras.  There are also many photos of what appear to be wards in the ship with nurses and patients.

The album also contains many other photos of boats and ships that were probably not naval.

I'd like to forward these photos to you for your collection. I especially thought the photos of the wards would be interesting.  I would be happy to send you a CD or email them to you.

If you'd like a CD, please give me your address.

I'm going to have some hand surgery in a couple of days and will have more than enough "down" time so to speak. You know me. If I have to be sedentary, I'm miserable. Getting some photos off to you will be a nice project that I hope will be a nice addition to your archives.

I'm so happy I found those photos. After our emails and my correspondence with my cousin in Australia, when I found that album I knew what those photos represented.[ I last saw that album several years ago, but now I'm very happy to have found it again!]



A CD would be fine thanks, I am pleased that you thought of me, and they will make a fine add ition to our records on AHOY.

I am still getting over left shoulder surgery just before Christmas, so I trust your time with the surgeons proves successful.

Take care now over there.

Best wishes,

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