Photograph of von Luckner

My Great Uncle was an American Ambassador to several countries in South America and held numerous other similar posts throughout his career.  His name was James MacDermott Sheridan...of Irish descent, but very active in world relations.

I have an autographed photo of Count Luckner and his wife.  It was signed as follows:

To Counsul James Mac Dermott Sheridan in true friendship of his Count Luckner

The rest of the writing is difficult to read...something like...

M.S. Yest Roterland x 2.27 (apparently the date was February 1927)

Then signed by him for his wife: Countess Luckner

This photo is amazing.  I have never before seen a man in uniform with so many medals pinned to his chest.  He must have been an amazing person to achieve all of this.  The Countess is clad in Fur and holding flowers.  What an incredible couple..they really looked great together.  He reminds me of famous American Actor Robert Mitchum.

If you have more detailed information on the Count and his wife or can direct me to resources of information, I would appreciate it.

Thank you! 
Tim Sheridan


Thanks for your message, I am just back yesterday from three weeks in Europe including 14 days in two cruise ships in the Mediterranean. Hence my tardiness in not responding to you earlier.

The Count was indeed an amazing character, and has brought forth more response than any one or anything else I may have written about, I am afraid all I have uncovered about him is on Ahoy including all correspondence from around the world about him. We would love to please have a copy of your Great Uncle's photo of the Count with his Countess please, so we might add it to our collection.

Every message I get adds another small snippit about Count Felix von Luckner to our store of knowledge about him. He was very adept about whipping out a photograph of himself, and sometimes with his Countess, but not too often, he would add an appropriate message, sign it, and present it to his audience of the moment.

I am sure your photo is quite precious, and denotes a man whom we will never see the likes of again in the years to come.

He served his Navy and his country with dash and great humanity.

Nice to hear from you and thank you for your time in writing to me.

Best wishes, 
Mackenzie Gregory.

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