Peter Nelson Bekusch and John Nelson Bekusch survived sinking of Athenia

December 22, 2008

Dear Sir.

I was surfing the other day and came across your site.

My father and uncle were both on the SS Athenia when she was torpedoed.

My father's name was Peter Nelson Bekusch and my uncle was John Nelson Bekusch.

Both were crew members in the engine room, they both survived and were back at sea two weeks later onboard the SS Letitia.

Years later I was on holiday with my father on the Clyde when the re-named Letitia (Captain Cook) passed by on her way to New Zealand, my father watched her through his binoculars until she was out of sight past the Ailsa Craig.

My father and Uncle both from Glasgow have now passed on.

Yours sincerely.
My name is James Sommerville Bekusch, I live in Grangemouth.


My thanks for  your note about Athenia, I am continually suprised how much interest is still around about that event on Day 1 of WW2.

We will add your mail to our Athenia Pages.

Best  wishes for Christmas and the coming year of 2009.


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