Peter McLaughlin Simpson was a cook in the SS Athenia, pre 1939

March 5, 2011

Hi Mac

Firstly, I love your site. I had not heard of the SS Athenia until I started doing some family research.

It appears that my grandad, Peter McLaughlin Simpson was a cook in the SS Athenia and this is recorded on his marriage certificate to my granny, Helen Brown in 1930.

My grandad was born, lived and died in Glasgow, Scotland. My interest is in finding his service history with the Merchant Navy; his voyages and also which other ships he served on.

My mother recalls that my father said that my granded was not on the  fatal voyage of the SS Athenia as one of my uncles were very poorly and so he was unable to sail on that voyage.

Once again; your site is brilliant,  I hope you keep it going for many years to come.

Carolann Hardy


My thanks for your nice comments about AHOY.

My reporting of the sinking of SS Athenia on AHOY on day one of WW2, has attracted a great deal of traffic from interested people who had relatives on board or are just interested in this subject.

I enjoy the contact with people world wide and at age 89 ( on February 9 last ) I will keep going as long as I able.

See this URL:
http://www.searcher-na.co.uk/merchant_navy_records.htm for records on Merchant Navy personnel and how to find them.

Best wishes,

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