Peter Birchall was amongst those 93 passengers who died when Athenia sank

July 22, 2010

Hello Sir

Among the passengers was a Mr Peter Birchall age 49. At my school in 1940, we were asked if any of our parents wished us to be evacuated. There was only one applicant, aged like me 6 or 7 (depending on the month!), and his name was also the same as the aforementioned gentleman. He sailed for Canada later on in the year of 1940. I have often wondered whether they were related, and indeed what became of Peter as an evacuee in Canada. I don't think we knew each other very much, but I have never forgotten the impression the attention that his application made upon me at the time. I have done a little research on this but without achieving my initial enquiry as to whether they had any family connection.

An excellent website you have created; please accept my best wishes.

Dennis R. Hall
From Walton-on-Thames
Now in Geneva.  


Thank you for your kind words about AHOY.

The Peter Birchall aged 49 was amongst those 93 passengers who died when Athenia sank.

Here he is from that list.

Peter Birchall. 49, librarian, US. Hawberry Street, Bedford.

It seems from his address that he was an American, and perhaps less likely to be a relative of your Peter,

who is not on any list that I have. But I do not have a total list of those survivors who were rescued by the three British destroyers and taken to Greenock Scotland, that has always eluded me.

Best regards,

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