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Hello Innes,

I spent 20 years in the Royal Australian Navy as an executive Officer, and all of WW2 at sea or overseas. Over 1940/41, I served in HMAS Australia as a young Midshipman working out of Scapa Flow, the Clyde, and Liverpool on Atlantic convoys during the Battle of the Atlantic. During WW2 I was sunk in HMAS Canberra on the 9th. of August 1942 at the Battle of Savo Island off Guadalcanal. Post war I qualified as a Torpedo Anti- Submarine Specialist in Royal Navy schools.

My interest is Naval History, and I have had a work published: Underwater Warfare. The Struggle Against the Submarine Menace 1939-1945. My Web Site: AHOY. Mac's Web Log, is run by my Web Master Terry Kearns from Atlanta Georgia, who whips into shape all my research and scribblings.

Your work with Operation Deadlight Expedition is of great interest, recently an American oceanography Professor has located the Japanese Submarine I-58, responsible for sinking USS Indianapolis about two weeks before the end of WW2. He claims that 24 boats scuttled off Nagasaki represent the largest collection of sunken Submarines world wide, but I would dispute that claim. I am sure your work and location of the German U-Boats sunk in Northern Ireland waters would easily outnumber the Japanese Boats.

I am about to write about Operation Deadlight including your work, to put up on our AHOY site, may I please publish some of your photographs covering the German U-Boats you and your team have dived on and fixed their location?

This is historic and ground breaking work you are all doing, congratulations.

With kindest regards from DOWN UNDER.

Mackenzie. Gregory.

Hi Mackenzie,

Let me know when you have written your piece on Deadlight and we can do a link swap.

Thanks for your interest.

Innes McCartney
Operation Deadlight 2001 Expedition

Hello Innes,
Thank you for your response suggesting we might swap Links.
Here is my small piece on AHOY, about
Operation Deadlight and your historic and important work.
Mackenzie Gregory.

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