Percy W Gore lost in sinking of S.S Cortes

January 17, 2009

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Hi Mac

I wonder if you can help me!!! My great Uncle was listed as being on the President 111 and died in 1941. I have the information S.S Cortes (not sure what this means) and A/A.B . would you be able to translate any of this information for me, or direct me to any other useful website to investigate further.

Thank you for your help.



HMS President 111 was not a seagoing ship but a shore establishment close to London, it carried the pay records of Royal Navy personnel who had trained as DEMS ( Defensively Equipped Merchant Ships ) Gunners, who manned both Anti Aircraft and surface guns in Allied Merchant Ships in WW2. SS Cortes would be a Steam Ship with the name of Cortes,( owned by Macandrews Shipping Company ) which your Great Uncle would have served in, and on September 26 1941, as part of Convoy HG 73 sailing from Gibraltar to Liverpool it was attacked by U-boats, and 9 ships were sunk including SS Cortes, which was lost with all hands.

A/AB stands for Acting Able Seaman a rate for seamen sailors in the Royal Navy.

When he joined the Navy, if under the age of 18 he would have been an Ordinary Seaman 11, then at 18 an Ordinary Seaman, the next step up would be to Able Seaman, some times before actually qualifying for AB, it was granted as an acting rate.

If you give me his full name, he is no doubt listed on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission site, and will have a Memorial Certificate issued which I can then print out and send you, he will also be listed on a Naval Memorial at either Chatham, Portsmouth or Plymouth, and the CWGC site will indicate which one and list the Panel Number and Column on which his name appears.

I await your response so I may help further.


Thank you so much Mac, It’s really nice to hear some information. My great uncle was my granddad’s brother as I understand it he never actually had any family of his own.

His name was Percy W Gore born I believe in 1910.

I would appreciate a copy of the certificate but wouldn’t expect yourself to be out of pocket with postage etc. Let me know if I can forward a cheque etc to cover cost.


Thank you once again for your time.






Here is your Great Uncle's Certificate:

As expected, I found his name on the Plymouth Naval Memorial at Panel 47, in Column 1.

PERCY WALTER GORE Plymouth Naval Memorial at Panel 47, in Column 1 Here is the entry: There is obviously no charge Natalie, I have merely spent a little time for you, but its all about knowing where to look, and it is my pleasure to help in but a small way.

Best regards, 

Casualty Details
Initials:  P W
Nationality:  United Kingdom
Rank:  Able Seaman
Regiment/Service:  Royal Navy
Unit Text:  H.M.S. President III
Date of Death:  26/09/1941
Service No:  D/JX 266878
Casualty Type:  Commonwealth War Dead
Grave/Memorial Reference:  Panel 47, Column 1.

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