Operation Mincemeat, Dasher, Major William Martins Headstone

Operation Mincemeat

I am sitting here with Isobel Mackay, my wife's aunt and the daughter of Mr John (Jack) Melville


Most compelling reading but I think there is a mis type on the paragraph on Major William Martins Headstone - Died 24 april 1945

  surely you mean 1943 ??

If you want any more info  or copies of some memorial service pictures from Cyprus in october last year - please e mail me here and I will pass on to her.


Alan Archer

Dear Alan,
How nice to hear from you, and thanks for finding my typo about the Major's date of death, we will soon correct that.

I never in my wildest dreams thought that my story about Dasher, her demise, and the really incredible deception that was played out using the body of Isobel Mackay's father, would be read by those close to Jack Melville.

Alan, I would be grateful if we could get some pictures of the Cyprus Memorial service, they would really add to this compelling story.

Please pass on my best regards to Isobel, it must be a relief for her to at last know the truth about her late Father, and make her very proud of the part he played after his death, in saving so many Allied servicemen's lives.

Again, my thanks in writing to me, it is one of the joys of the Internet for me, when I am able to connect with people across the world and it happens through something I have written about that is up on AHOY.
Best wishes, 
Mac. Gregory.

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