Not approved to pick up survivors, ONS-5 and U-125

Dear Sir:

I have just read the story of ONS-5 in your web. A splendid piece. At the same time, I've confronted the
tale with other sources, and I found one detail missing. It was about the fate of U-125. When in the presence of corvette Snowflake, and later Sunflower also, the Germans scuttled their boat and were about to be rescued by the corvettes, Sherwood issued an order: "Not approved to pick up survivors". So the corvettes left, and all hands from U-125 were lost. All died in the freezing waters. Well, until now I thought the Japs were the only ones to do such things, but sadly now I know better. Sherwood did a very skillful job, but the whole truth should come up with no disguises, and, even understanding that conditions were really rough, this is a sorrowful blck spot for a good officer. In spite of all, he must have beared that burden deep in his soul until the end of his life.

Truly yours
Julio de la Vega-Hazas

Hello Julio,

Thank you for your comments.

I was aware of  Sherwood's actions, but did not comment about them when I did my article. Perhaps having served in the Battle of the Atlantic, I did not take his actions as too unusual, it was always a matter of self preservation and survival.

When the Queen Mary cut the Curacao in half, she made no attempt to turn back for the survivors.

But, you have a valid point, the event deserves to be mentioned, and I will revist my pages on ONS 5, and add some paragraphs about this incident. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.


Mac. Gregory.

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