Niobe, Luckner's first ship

G'day Mac,

I was looking for a bit of info on "Niobe", Luckner's first ship and came across your page. I thought you might be interested in a couple of postcards I have of the wreck of the "Seeadler". No, you are not getting the postcards but I can scan them for you, or even copy them for your files and snail mail them to you, if interested.

David Harvey in Perth


Thank you for your message, yes, I would like copies of the post cards please.

The Count was truly an amazing character and sailor, and his exploits continue to attract attention around the world, even today.

My snail mail address: M. J. Gregory. Parklake Towers, 301/598 St Kilda Road Melbourne. Victoria. 3004.

It is very kind of you to offer to copy them for me.

With good wishes to you for 2004.
Mac, Gregory.



My Postie has just delivered your package.

I am indeed grateful for your kindness and all the trouble you took in sending me this information. I will certainly make good use of it, and when we put it up on AHOY, will naturally acknowledge its source from you in WA.

One meets nice people on the internet, and when there is a common interest, and items are shared it is quite a special moment.

Again, my thanks.

All the best for 2004.


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