New website about the Welfreighter


You will recall that I was in touch with you concerning the story of the Welfreighter.

The good new first.

I am in the last stages of putting together my own  40 plus page website which should appear on the internet before the end of the month. The project has taken much longer than I had expected ... it is the first time I have attempted anything like a website.. ! But I have slowly found my way around the software and  what I have prepared seems to work.

The site  is as complete as I can make it based on my 20 + years of research. I 'll cover all the background context in which the Welfreighter was developed. I hope it will be seen to contain the best collection of detail that can be assembled onto webpages about this craft. I have also covered,  briefly, all the other British midget subs, and submersibles. I hope to eventually be permitted to add more photos ... there are quite a lot that I have come across over the years. I have also listed the AWM reference numbers of all those that I would like to use but have yet to gain permission for.

The less good news is that the dodgy website I spoke of is still there. I did promise to supply the chap with a correct text. But once I started my website I found that  any attempt to divide up the information I hold would have been an unacceptable compromise. So  for the time being ( until he loses interest in his site at least ) when using Google to find my site  it will be necessary to take care to get the right one.

With luck you will be able to find www.welfreighter.info a few days now.

I will send you a proper link address as soon as I have confirmation from the webhost.

Kind regards,



All the best for 2005, thats good news, and I look forward to having your link, which naturally we will put up on AHOY.

The other dodgy site is a pest, let us hope he gets tired soon, and gives up.



Finally after ten days waiting for the activation code the website is up. www.welfreighter.info

I have had to keep it simple , as this is my first attempt at something like this.( - and I might never have done it if the other chap had not done such damage.)

I trust you find the effort put in worthwhile and will still be prepared to link across between the sites. I have made provision for this on my pages, mentioning your site. I will activate the link once I know you are happy.

I have written to Bob Quinn to let him know as well.

Best wishes,

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