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Hello Mac,

My grandfather served with the Blue Star Line throughout the 2nd war, and was torpedoed at least once. I'd like to find out more details, but am not sure how to.

I see you are in Australia. My grandfather was born in Eidsvold, Queensland, about 1896 or thereabouts (he never had a birth certificate, and only got a british passport many years later (apparently on the basis of his Merchant Seaman's Passport)). His parents emigrated to Australia from Scotland during one of the gold rushes out there, but came back to Scotland around 1900.

I only know of 1 ship that he actually sailed on - the Napier Star. Both he (as Chief Engineer) and the Captain were interviewed by a Brisbane radio station for their "In Town Tonight" show in 1946 (or maybe 1948?). I  have it on 2 scratchy 78rpm acetates.

Anyway, I'd be interested in finding out more about his time with teh Blue Star Line, but am not sure how to.....

any ideas gratefully received

Gordon Lyon


Here is a page about Napier Star 1, the one that was torpedoed in 1940, the U-Boat that sank her,was herself sunk the next year. Click on U-110 on this page ant it will take you to a page on the U-Boat net, and give you the history and fate of that boat.

If you put this web site in your search engine it will bring up a bit about the Blue Star Line:

A second ship called Napier Star was built in 1942.

The only book I have found giving the history of the Blue Star Line and its ships is: Taffrail. Blue Star Line at War, 1939-1945. Published by W.Foulsham & Co Slough England. 1973.

I hope you can find some of what you seek in these references.

Kind Regards.

Mac. Gregory.

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