Nancy's family and the USS Constitution

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I was just browsing various sites and came  your notation/site. My family has been very active in the ship….annual turn arounds and now sailings.  She is the pride of our dwindling family!

My father and his father were always present when there were annual turn arounds, prior to her retrofitting.
I am an avid family history buff….  Edmund was one of a long arm of ship builders and carpenters that exist even today! Let me know please if I can give you any further information.

Sincerley, Nancy Hartt- Dorney

Dear Nancy,

Thank you for your message, this ship laid the foundations for your country to become a world Naval power, and is important in that sense, but also her retention is paramount as she records a different age in the history of the sea and naval warfare. I would be delighted for you to share your family's relationship with this old ship and her preservation for posterity.

Ahoy is the work of my good friend Terry Kearns who happens to live in Atlanta Georgia, and myself. I write and he turns that into what appears on the net.

I look forward to hearing from you when convenient.

Mac. Gregory.


17 November 2003
Good Morning!

After having seen Master and Commander over the wekkend ..... What a wonderful movie!

The Constitution was built in my + - GGGG Grandfather, Edmund Hartt's shipyard, in Boston of course.  For some reason, my arm of the Hartt family has always remained close to the whole project.

We were invited to the celebration for the Bicentennial of the founding of the Navy and her commision...her Bicentennial....and, as I had mentioned turn-arounds for years before all that.  My cousin, Edmund Hartt, lives in Maine and ...builds boats!

He is the keeper of most of the treasures that we have from and of the ship. We..with Edmund as representative, were given an enscribed cross cut from her old mast at the Bicentennial of the Navy.

It's kind of nice that there has always been this ongoing pride in our ancestor!

Take care and DO see Master and Commander!



What a thrill to be directly related to the actual ship builder who brought the wonderful USS Constitution to life.

Do you have any photos of your treasures from her eg The Cross, that we could use to embellish the article on this famous ship on Ahoy?

Anything you cared to sahare with Terry and myself would be much appreciated.

Denise and I will ensure we see Master and Commander when it comes below the equator.

With kindest regards,


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