Names of all the decorations that Von Luckner was awarded?

Dear Sir,
I am trying to get some information on Count Von Luckner, I find the Count to be a very chivalrous man, I put him in the same category with another person I respect, Fieldmarshal Rommel. Do you know the names of all the decorations that Von Luckner was awarded, also I saw an excellent picture of Count Von Luckner in full dress German Navy Uniform looking to his left ,with gold braid and medals being worn at a downward slant, the picture looks like it is signed by the count, do you know where I could get a copy of that picture?

I would appreciate any help you could give me.



Thank you for your letter, an enormous amount nof interest is shown worl wide in Count Felix von Luckner, I do not have a list of all his medals, but the one he wore around his neck is often mistaken for the famous Blue Max, not so, see the para below to describe it as the Honor Knights Badge. 

"(vonLuckner) has an impressive German Navy dress coat filled with medals and honors and wears a Maltese Cross at his throat in the fashion that one would wear the Pour le Mérite. But the cross has such a high reflection of light in the photo that it would be easy to assume that he is wearing a the Pour le Mérite. Instead he is wearing another great honor at his throat, the Ehrenritterkreuz (Honor Knights Badge). It looks pretty similar to the Pour le Mérite,..."

At this URL: Scroll down to entry 332, and you will find a photo of the Count.


At this URL: Scroll down to entries 370 and 371, to find two more photos of the Count.


I have sent an E-Mail with a scanned photo of von Luckner.

Even the von Luckner Society at Halle in Germany does not have a list of the Counts, Awards, and Medals.

Hello Matthias,

I wonder if in any of your records of the Count you may have a list of his Awards and Medals that he wore in Uniform.

If so, I would very much appreciate a copy.

He was photographed so much with them all very much in evidence, and should they be listed anywhere, I am sure many who ask AHOY about him would be interested to view such a record.

Trusting all is well in Halle, best regards.



Thanks for the information you sent me, that one picture, # 332 is the one of Count Von Luckner I am trying to get, it gives a good view of all his awards. I am an expert on Imperial German Decorations, if I get that picture and it is clear, I can identify all his medals and give you a good list of them if you would like it. Again thank you


If you can decipher all of the Count's Awards and Medals we would love a list to put up on AHOY, and also send off to the von Luckner Society in Halle, Germany. I am pleased that the information was what you were after.

Look forward to hearing from you again as convenient.




Thanks for the picture of the Count, its better than the one I was working with and it is clearer, but its not the one I liked from your last e-mail. The Count looks young in this picture, I figure it was taken of him during the war, and befor he had all his awards. I was able to identify four of the pocket crosses he is wearing in this picture. The other picture you showed me last time was probably taken in the late 20's or early 30's, the Count looks like he is about 45 or 50 years old. He is wearing a very sharp looking navy uniform, I figure he put it on for that photograph or some function he was going to.The Count is not wearing a hat, and the jacket has a wide open lapel with gold braid, his head is facing to the left.The Count's grossordensschnalle, which is the long ribbon bar with medals is worn under the lapel from his belt going upward. I noticed he has a lot more medals in this post war picture than in his war photos, and this picture looks very well made. It is also signed by the Count below it. I have been looking all over for one, no luck.I have studied alot of famous people from world war one, Baron Von Richthofen, Leutnant Oswald Boelcka, Leutnant Max Immelman, Kapitanleutanant Otto Weddigen, Leutnant Max Ritter Von Mulzer, Fregattenkapitan Nerger, But one person over all has the most impressive uniform I have ever seen from world war one, (Kapitanleutanant Felix Graff Von Luckner). For a junior officer the Count had an outstanding military career.Thanks again for the picture you sent, it helped ID a few of his awards, I will keep looking for the other picture, if I get one I'll let you know.




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