You seem to be a catalyst in the Moresby family. My great grandmother was sister of Sir Fairfax. 

I have back ground material on the family and would be delighted to chat to anyone who is interested. 

Peter Patrick Fairfax Gardiner


Thank you for your E-mail, we are always delighted when a piece on AHOY acts as a magnet to collect more detail from the internet to expand our knowledge.

It all started with my article on Convoy ONS 5, a defining convoy in the Battle of the Atlanic, one of the small escorts was Northern Gem, and Richard Downer wrote to tell me his Father was her Captain, and that Sir Fairfax was a relative, and then more and more comes out as people interested, or as relatives, find AHOY and communicate with me.

I would be pleased to have any detail you may care to share, we will add your letter, and hope it will bring forth someone who would like to contact you Peter. As a matter of principle I never give out any address until I have the approval to do so, then we act as a post office by putting any interested parties in touch with each other.

Nice to hear from you.

Best wishes. 
Mackenzie Gregory.

Thanks Mackenzie,

Please pass on my name to any Moresby researcher whom you think might be interested.

I have quite a lot of bits on the Moresbys which might interest other Moresbys. I have also scanned the book written by John Moresby entitled “Two Admirals” which is a great slice of sea life from the 19th century.  It has a lot of interest.  From time to time one can track down copies on the Net.  However I have scanned it and wrapped it into a pdf file which weighs in at 8 megabytes. Probably much of what I know is known by others as there certainly were surviving Moresbys descended from Sir Fairfax into my lifetime. 

I have located one of the Moresby homes in North Devon which the National Trust has just sold off. It was owned by the Acland estate. Aclands were cousins and at Killerton House there is a portrait of the Admiral I understand.

Here is an image of my great grandmother who was sister to Sir Fairfax. With time I am putting together a kind of private family website which is a mammoth task.  I expect to get some way into the vast history of the family.Thus linking in the Moresby line would be interesting as they reach back to “Pre Conquest”…

Thanks for your interest. 

Peter Gardiner


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