Model of the Seeadler and Mr. William Heckler who had sailed with Luckner aboard the Vaterland

Mr. Gregory,

I just found and read much of your work on the internet. Thank you so much. I appreciate your work and love of historical characters and events. Would you please forward me the address to the Naval Historical Society of Austrailia or any other historical foundation that can provide me with information on the Seeadler. I built a model of the Seeadler many years ago and was visited by a Mr. William Heckler who had sailed with Luckner aboard the Vaterland. He gave me a signed lithograph of Luckner's Vaterland and some old newspaper articles on the exploits of the Seeadler. He also provided me with an article he wrote concerning a meeting he and some friends of Luckner had some 30 years later. I plan on building models of the Seeadler and Vaterland. My desire is to share in your love of history ... in particular, Felix von Luckner and the Seeadler.

Once again, thank you for your articles. I will include some of your stories and boats in my collection. Am looking forward to hearing from you.

William Thornsburg

Hello William,

Thank you for your kind words about my site and in particular about that fascinating man von Luckner. I have had more interest shown about him than I think any other article I may have writtren about on AHOY.

My good friend Terry Kearns in Atlanta Georgia runs our site, I write all the text, but without his expertise and ncouragement AHOY would not exist. Together we hope to bring to a wider audience my long held interest in Naval History in particular, and history in general, and some of my travels over a long life. It is indeed a team effort.

The Naval Historical Society of Australia would not have any details of von Luckner, and I do not believe they have published anything on him at all.

Over a number of E-Mails I will send you various details of him and his Seeadler that I have uncovered in my interest of the Count, so just bear with me over time please.

It is pleasing to have a message like yours, Terry and I get quite a kick out of such messages, so thank you from both of us.

Kindest regards,
Mackenzie Gregory, ( please call me Mac. )

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