Lt Cmdr Hugh Crofton Simms, RN., Capt of H.M.S Hurricane

September 29, 2010


Might I refer you for extra info to my Obituary on Bess Cummings in 'The Independent' of Sept 18th, being 70 years to the day that my father, Lt Cmdr Hugh Crofton Simms, RN., as Capt of H.M.S Hurricane made the first rescue of 113/115 people inc children.

I am fully aware of all the facts of the rescue by H.M.S Anthony as I have been in touch with Bill Garing, and Ronald Brooke, the Anthony's  No 1, and 5 of the surviving children she rescued. Alas one namely Paul Shearing died in 2008/9, but Derek Capel, Ken Sparks, Fred Steels and Billy Short are in good spirits and I have spoken to them all in the last month.!!

 I tracked down all the children rescued by both destroyers which alas allowed others to write the books, of which the only honest and accurate one is by Tom Nagorsky called 'Miracles on the water'.  You might let Garings daughter know that he got a full mention. ("Air Commodore WH 'Bull' Garing CBE, DFC, Captain of the Sunderland from 10 Sqn RAAF found the last lifeboat from the City of Benares")

You will read plenty on my father and even a mention of me for organising many reunions including one with 2 of the crew of U - 48 which sank the Benares.

Cheers for now
Blake Simms
PS I only came across your site by chance just now hence dropped quick line.


Nice to hear from you.

I will pass your E-Mail onto Pip.


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