Lost in sinking of SS Jacksonville, World War II

Hello Mac-
My name is Chuck, and I am very glad to see that someone out there has some information on the SS Jacksonville, sunk in World War II. My grandmother's brother was killed on that ship when it was torpedoed; he was 18 at the time and had never left his home state until he was drafted.
We have very little information on the ship and only one picture of my great uncle when he was younger. If you could provide me with any photos, websites or other info, all of us in my family would greatly appreciate it. It would be wonderful to have a little more on someone that my grandmother hardly got to know.
Regards and thanks,
Chuck R.

Some detail of SS Jacksonville, and her Convoy CU-36, plus U-482 who was responsible for sinking the tanker.

From uboat.net "Jacksonville"

From warsailors.com "CU-36"

From uboat.net "U-482"

Hope this helps a little.



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