Looking for the wreck of Centaur

(see "Australian Hospital ship Centaur Torpedoed by Japanese Submarine")

Dear Mac

As I understand from the time, the Yarra and Hawkesbury were only attempting to verify that the wreck off Caloundra was not Centaur - they were not actually looking for Centaur which as you say lies much further east. The Press Release states that the Navy ROV doesn't have the capacity to delve to the depths that Centaur is in.

The 2/3 Centaur Association Inc is currently surveying members (the few remaining survivors, but mostly descendants, relatives and friends) to see if they want the Association to lobby the Government for a definite location - if only to prevent further fraudulent claims.

Jan Thomas
2/3 AHS Centaur Association Inc

Hello Jan,

Thank you for your note.

To really have a serious look for the wreck of Centaur, I would think any one searching for her would need to employ side scan sonar equipment.

Searching for wrecks is time consuming, very specialised, and costly.

Some years ago I met and talked with Robert Ballard, after he had found Canberra in Iron Bottom Bay in the Solomons, at 2,500 feet.

I asked him about looking for Sydney, his response was that the search area would need to be really narrowed down before anyone looked for her, the Indian Ocean is just so vast, and its so easy to miss a wreck. In her case, if the cruiser blew up, which is certainly a possibility, then pieces get scattered, componding the task of finding them.

Even if your friends and relatives do wish to finally find Centaur, convincing the Government of whatever political persuasion will be a mammoth task.

The best of luck, and kind regards Jan.


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