Looking for info on Pte Joseph Patrick Blake

HMAT Shropshire A9

I am looking for info on  Pte Joseph Patrick Blake, I know he embarked 03/25/1916  in Adelaide, and from what I can see the ship went to Fremantle Australia, arrived March 30-1916, and then departed March 31-1916

This is where I get lost, I do not know where the ship went to? Why is there reference to HMAS Shropshire and I cannot find anything on HMAT Shropshire A9.

Somehwere you had a link for a ship of this name
http://www.maelstromedia.co.uk/hmas_shropshire/,   but this is a dead link, and is this the same ship I am interested in?

Your help in this would be greatly appreciated

Does Australia have a site for Birth, Death, Marriage

Ancestor and History Buff

Susan Hill
Nova Scotia, Canada


Here is some detail for you about Private Blake, in a separate E-Mail I will send you the actual page where your Private Blake is the first entry.

Yes, your HMAT Shropshire ( His Majesty's Australian Troop Ship ) is the one I mention on my AHOY site.

I also found it very hard to track down anything about her.

The ship was built in 1911 for the Federal Steam Navigation Company of London, and was renamed Rotorua (2) in 1936 transferred to New Zealand Shipping Company ownership, 1940 torpedoed and sunk in N.Atlantic; loss of 19 lives.

I will also E-Mail separately the details by Australian State of Births, Deaths and Marriages. Click on the State you want to view on the Map of Australia.

In the Australian War Memorial Australian Post Card Collection is one of the Shropshire as a Troopship, but it cannot be accessed via the net.

Trust thisis of some assistance to you.

Best Regards,
Mac. Gregory.

First World War Unit Embarkation Rolls
This is a roll of those who embarked to serve overseas during the First World War.

Blake, Joseph Patrick Display Record (PDF File)

Service Number: 5046
Rank/Calling: Private.
Unit: 10 Infantry Battalion - 13 to 23 Reinforcements (January-November 1916)
Ship Name: HMAT Shropshire Ship Number: A9
Date of Embarkation: 25/03/1916
Place of Embarkation: Adelaide.

A9. HMAT Shropshire 8,130.tons. 15 knots. Federal SN Co Ltd London Commonwealth control ended 5 August 1917

Guide to the Australian Postcard Collection, 1914-1918

Research Centre Published & Digitised CollectionsCanberra, ACT
© 2000 Research Centre, Australian War Memorial. All rights reserved.

Administrative information

Access: Open. Available for viewing in the Research Centre

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Australian Postcard Collection , 1914 - 1918 War, Published & Digitised Collections, Australian War Memorial.


T.S. Shrophsire Troopship A9 Transport for 4th reinforcements

[Black and white photograph of the transport A 9. "Shropshire". The name and number of the ship have been censored on the postcard with purple ink, but are readable. Rammed by the Ascanius in the Indian Ocean 21 November 1914. Commonwealth control ended 5 August 1917. It was fitted to transport 57 Officers, 878 Other Ranks and 461 horses.]

Mac, thanks a million for all this info on my family

This is far more than I have been able to find, and it is great to have someone as helpful as you have been

You have given me lots to read, and lots to add to my history files on Joseph Patrick Blake, I cannot express my thanks enough for this info, On another note, did you find the Birth Marriage Death info in Australia you mentioned you may send this?

Again with sincere thanks

Susan Hill


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