Liberty ship Roger B Taney and Coast Guart Cutter Taney

March 29, 2011

Hi Mac,

I'm a little confused by your info on the Taney. My husband served aboard the Taney from January 1960 until February 1964.

There has never been any mention of her being sunk. We do know that she took a hit from a torpedo and that 3 crewmen were killed. If you could provide any further information regarding this we certainly would appreciate it. 

Thank you in advance.

Elizabeth A Woods
Former US Woman Marine 1959-1962


My Ahoy website has details of the Liberty ship Roger B Taney being torpedoed, it is not your Coast Guard Cutter Taney, sorry for any confusion. See "Liberty ship Liberty ship Roger B Taney torpedoed in the South Atlantic on the 2nd. of July 1943"


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